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Kansas Twisters

Minutes – June 17, 2017

McPherson RV Ranch


Members Present: Elkins, Marlowe, Ryel, Ketchum, Shepard, Mann (membership received this weekend). Schwart drove in for Friday evening dinner.

Prospects: Younquist


The minutes of the April meeting were reviewed and approved on a motion from Leroy Ketchum with a second by Loretta Marlowe. Wanda Ryel presented the Treasurer’s Report from April 30, 2017 showing an ending balance of $1,685.23 which will be placed on file for audit.


David Marlowe, National Director reported on the possible change to FMCA. Because of decreasing membership and decreasing monies, FMCA is looking into the possibility of accepting all types of RVs. While this is still at least a year down the road, Dave wanted everyone’s opinion on this change. A good discussion followed with the majority not sure they would be for this type of change. Dave will keep us posted on the progress of discussions.


A get-well card was sent around for Bob Erickson who had knee replacement surgery.


Brad asked Loretta to explain the bill that was received from the owner of the domain name (the son of a previous member) for around $400. It seems that he had not billed the Twisters since 2012. The domain name was renewed by him in 2017. Loretta asked about purchasing the domain name. IF he is willing to sell, it would cost the club just under $15 per year. The bill is for $60 per year. After discussion, Loretta made a motion which was seconded by Bill Shepard to offer him $100 to settle the past account and to again offer to purchase our domain name. Motion approved.


Our next campout will be August 11-13 at All Season RV Park west of Wichita. Ryels will host. September 15 – 17 and Oct 13- 15 will be finalized soon and notices will be sent out.


No further business was presented.

Alice Elkins, Secretary



President:                                    Brad Elkins, Emporia, KS    
Vice President/Rally Master:    Lea Schwart, Marion, KS
Secretary:                                    Alice Elkins, Emporia, KS
Treasurer:                                   Wanda Ryel, Sedgwick, KS
National Director:                      David Marlowe, Linwood, KS
Alt. Nat’l Dir:

Webmaster:                             Loretta Marlowe, Linwood, KS
Flowers & Cards:                    Jan Erickson, Haysville, KS 
   Pocket Directory:                    Loretta Marlowe, Linwood, KS
Nominating Committee
                               Richard Vester,  Loretta Marlowe, and Wanda Ryel



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