The Directory person has available for purchase:

   Kansas Twisters Profile Directory CDs

   Kansas Twisters Membership Pocket Directories

If you just can’t live without one or all of these items, contact one of the officers on the contacts page.  They’d be happy to help you with your purchase.

Special Offer

“Member Kansas

   Twisters Chapter”

     attachment plate

$17.50 each, 2 for $35.00


    $10.00  XXL $12.00

Sweat Shirt (Fleece)

    $15.00  XXL $18.00

Coffee Cup

$5.00 ea

Kansas Twisters Tote-Bag $15.00

  Nothing currently for sale.



Okay Twisters, does anybody have anything to sell today?

                    Post it here, free of charge! 

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Here's a suggestion for
something the group may want to do… (free!)
seems lots of our events have
Geocaches near by… could be a fun activity!
A lot of you already have a GPS to play with.
Let's check it out!!!